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The EasyParcel API allows your application to access current data within EasyParcel. However, EasyParcel API is using RESTful with PHP concept to develop API for web based applications. Through the API, several common operations can be performed on EasyParcel objects. There are few sections which consists of :

Base URL

All API URLs start with the following base part:
For Demo :
For Live :

Demo URL is only for testing purposes.
Live URL is for real live transaction usage.

Getting an API key

An API key is required to build an application using our API. Here's how to get an API key:
1. Sign up an EasyParcel account at
2. Complete the account verification.
3. Register the key for API access.

What is

Pgeon is an alternative parcel delivery service which enables customers to pick up and drop-off parcel in between alternative addresses such as convenience stores and retail outlets, also known as "Pgeon points".

Why we use Pgeon Point

1. Drop off & Pickup From Nearest Pgeon Points Easily
2. SMS Notifications Upon Parcel Drop off & Pick up
3. Longer Pgeon Points Operation Hours

Pgeon Partner

How to Making Order with Pgeon Point in Easyparcel (Reference)

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Step 1 :

Click on "Rate Checking".
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Step 2 :

Fill in all the information.
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Step 3 :

Click on "Try It" and go to "Result"
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Step 4 :

Scroll and get "point_id" by (Sender_point / Receiver_point).
Remember to copy the "point_id" as well.
("point_id" will be pasted on Making Order -> "pick_point" / "send_point")
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Step 5 :

Click on "Making Order".
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Step 6 :

Fill in all the information and paste the "point_id" to "pick_point" / "send_point".
After that click Try It and you’re done.

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Malaysia Individual
Malaysia Individual
Malaysia Individual
Malaysia Individual